SEA Cymru Forthcoming AGM

Our SEA Cymru AGM and other business, will take place on Sunday 28th October, between 12.30pm-2pm at 17 Gileston Road, Off Cathedral Road, Cardiff CF11 9JS.


1] Apologies
2] Minutes from AGM 2017 and Annual Report for 2017/18,
3] Election of Chair and Secretary,
4] Election of Delegates to a] CLP’s, b] to Welsh Labour Conference, c] to the Welsh Policy Forum and d] to the SEA NEC,
5] Remembrance of a member,
Break for Lunch.
6] Report on the education debate at Labour Party Conference, Report on NEU/NUT Cymru Conference and others,
7] Discussion on a suitable topic for a SEA resolution for next years Welsh Labour Conference,
8] School Finance Report,
9] A preliminary discussion on a] Welsh Labour Stage One policy consultation 2018 0n Education and Lifelong Learning
b] Democracy Review Stage 2. { please see attached }

We look forward to seeing you at this termly meeting, would you please confirm whether you will be able to attend so I know how many
to cater for, for lunch and how many papers to duplicate.

From Chris and Mike Newman, chair and secretary of SEA Cymru.

The SEA is affiliated to Welsh Labour as the UK Labour Party’s sole educational policy affiliate.

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