Labour Party documents

Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at the NEU Conference April 2019

Jeremy Corbyn at NEU 2019

Labour Policy Review 2019


Labour Party Democracy Review

These are three key sections from the Democracy Review undertaken by the party during 2018. They are provisional and have yet to be agreed by the National Executive

Democracy Review -Summary of Recommendations

Democracy Review – Making Policy

Democracy Review – Developing Our Socialist Societies

National Policy Forum 2018

Consultation Paper on the National Education Service summer 2018: Education draft consultation paper from NPF

Responses to the Consultation:

SEA response to the Policy Commission

NEU Submission on the NES 2018

New Visions for Education Group response to the National Education Service

National Policy Forum Report to Conference 2018: NPF Education report 2018

General Election Manifesto 2017: Labour Manifesto 2017

General Election Manifesto 2015: Manifesto 2015

Older Policy Documents.

Review of school governance and accountability – The Blunkett Review

The Skills Task Force: Remit, FE reforms, Apprenticeships, Curriculum and Assessment, Interim Report.



Labour speeches on education

 Tristram Hunt’s Demos speech on character formation (December 2014)

Newspaper articles by or about Labour’s education policies

Labour election manifestos since 1946

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