SEA NEC 2021-22


Chair – Carmen Peruga

General Secretary – James Whiting

Deputy General Secretary – Pam Tatlow

VC Membership – John Bolt

VC Digital Communications – Joe Cowling

Treasurer – Ian Duckett

Youth Officer – Josh Harcup

Equalities and Diversity Officer – Vacant

Publications Officer – Louise Regan

NEC Branch Reps

East London – Inbar Tamari

East Central London – Jane Cole/Amanda Bentham (Job Share)

Haringey- North London – John Keever

West London – Nuala Burgess

SE London – Ben Weidel

SW London – Al Macdonald

Greater Manchester – Stephen Longden

GM female delegate – Vacancy

NE England – Paul Daly

Yorkshire – Mel Griffiths

East Of England – Chris Vince

Merseyside – Graham Copsey

East Midlands – Kim Jackson

West Midlands – Darcy Luke

Oxford B and B – Pete Cann

Wales –  David Smith, Diane Green

National Places

Sheila Dore

Helen Watson

Mairead Canavan

Chris Newman

Kathryn Telling

Anya Cook

Tony Rea

PLP Ian Mearns MP

Vice Presidents

Julie Hilling

Joanna Tait

Melissa Benn

Martin Dore

Vacancy (Margaret Morris resigned)



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