SEA Officers 2017-18

PRESIDENT: Selina Todd

VICE PRESIDENTS: Melissa Benn, Ian Mearns MP, Joanna Tait, Margaret Morris, Julie Hilling.

CHAIR: Martin Doré, 6 Preston Avenue, Highams Park, London E4 9NL tel: 07504739520, email

GENERAL SECRETARY: John Bolt, 160 Melrose Avenue, London NW2 4JY tel: 07714 762 506, email:


VICE-CHAIR: Mike Newman, email:

TREASURER: Ian Duckett, email:

MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY: Paul Martin, 44 Bruce Road, London E3 3HL tel: 0208 9814764 email:

RECRUITMENT SECRETARY: Christine Newman, email:

WEBSITE OFFICER: David Pavett, email:

PUBLICATIONS EDITOR: Anne Heavey, email:

YOUTH OFFICER: Alex Graham, email

SOCIAL MEDIA OFFICER: Joe Cowling, email

MINUTES SECRETARY: Thom Kirkwood, email

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