Aims of the Socialist Educational Association

The Socialist Educational Association (SEA) is affiliated to the Labour Party and seeks to inform and influence party policy on education. SEA members include parents, governors, teachers and other education professionals from all sectors and people with a general interest in education.

The SEA is seeking to engage positively with the Party and to support the development of popular policies which will help Labour win. We believe that Labour’s policies on education should be based on our core values of equality, democracy and solidarity. SEA is committed to developing policy which is based on research and evidence of what works in the UK and abroad and we offer the following key proposals:

To develop democratic and comprehensive alternatives to marketisation and privatisation which divide communities and increase inequality. Like the NHS, the locally accountable community comprehensive school is a successful and popular expression of our values – we should champion it.

  • To develop a single, broad and inclusive framework for the curriculum from early years to adult education. We need an alternative to the bewildering choice of qualifications, which can limit opportunities and lead to segregation by social class. This should include choice, depth, breadth, stretch and progression and value what learners know and can do so that all learners can be proud of their achievements.
  • To develop ways of targeting educational investment to reduce inequalities and promote achievement as an alternative to regressive spending cuts which hit the poorest hardest. This means keeping educational routes open for all learners throughout life.
  • To develop, with others, an education charter based on the principles of equality, inclusivity, democracy and solidarity.
  • To promote the development of locally elected bodies which would be responsible for scrutinising education provision in their area.

The SEA wishes to promote the widest possible debate about the future of education and welcomes any suggestions or responses to these proposals from all those with an interest in education.

Download the above as a pdf.

The SEA Constitution.

The SEA Standing Orders.

Resolutions agreed at SEA conferences


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