Our Manifesto

The Socialist Educational Association’s Manifesto For Education | Another Education Service Is Possible

Our Manifesto Pledges:

  • Restore education funding to 6% of GDP
  • Provide free school meals for all primary children as a first step to free school meals for all
  • Bring all schools and central services back under local democratic oversight, end academisation, stop selection by ability and give parents back a voice in the education of their children
  • Give teachers back respect, and professional autonomy. Abolish the OFSTED straight-jacket and return teacher education to universities
  • Make free child care and early years education available to all our children from 6 age 6 months
  • Introduce a culturally responsive and flexible curriculum framework which recognises and affirms learners’ diverse experiences, encourages creativity, restores access to the arts and includes the Climate Emergency
  • End grade rationing and SATS. Bring in an assessment system which celebrates success rather than stigmatises failure
  • Build an inclusive education service where mainstream schools and colleges meet the wider diversity of need of all pupils including those with SEND
  • Abolish tuition fees for further and higher education, end marketisation and bring back the Education Maintenance Allowance
  • Rejuvenate youth services so that all young people have access to high quality provision
    Guarantee jobs to young peopole successfully completing apprenticeships
  • Enable all learners to access education throughout their lives

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