Give Us Back Our Schools Campaign

The “Give Us Back Our Schools” Campaign, initiated by the Socialist Educational Association (SEA), is working to bring schools and central services back into a transparent system of local democratic control that promotes school collaboration and support  

Ending marketisation and bringing all publicly funded educational services back under democratic oversight is key to making education work for everyone. Schools now are forced to compete for pupils because funding is linked to pupil numbers rather than need and league tables, OFSTED and so called “parental choice” often means schools feel the need to prioritise maximising academic results over providing a balanced and satisfying educational experience. 

We could shape the curriculum and the testing regime properly; we could guarantee every child is taught by a qualified teacher; we could ensure the needs of SEND pupils are suitably met; we could guarantee every child has a place at good local school; we could promote school collaboration and support if we bring schools and central services into a transparent system of local democratic control. 

The government wants all schools to join Multi Academy Trusts (MATs). Academies and MATs are accountable to no-one. Self appointed, highly paid Chief Executives of MATs are now advising on the curriculum, assessment, initial teacher training and OFSTED.  But the latest evidence says council schools do better.  

The “Give Us Back Our Schools” Campaign aims to bring together all those who see the need to end the requirement for schools to compete for pupils and want to ensure all pupils have a stimulating educational experience which recognises the achievements of all and prepares learners for life in the modern world.  We believe that real progressive reform cannot be achieved in education without reversing the structural changes made since 1988 and implementing a programme of democratisation across schools, colleges, universities, central service providers and local authorities.   

All schools and colleges should be accountable to the communities they serve. Parents, staff and students, with local councils should have a say in how they’re run.  Join us if you agree with our aims and persuade your union branch (model motion link below), parents’ group or local Labour party to prioritise our aims too. 

To learn more read the Give Us Back Our Schools special edition of Education Politics which was published in June 2021. The EP is the Journal of the Socialist Educational Association.

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