Education Politics is the Journal of the Socialist Educational Association published quarterly.  We also produce special publications and pamphlets on specific issues pertaining to educational policy from time-to-time.

Education Politics (June 2021), No. 144

Education Politics (Jan 2021), No. 143

Education Politics (Oct 2020), No. 142

Education Politics (June 2020), No. 141

Education Politics (Feb/March 2020), No. 140

Back issues of Education Politics

  • Education Politics May 2019. This issue of Education Politics leads on issues around academies. It includes a summary of SEA’s new policy statement on how to bring schools back into public, democratic control. It looks too at some detailed issues around resistance to academisation and around the unsavoury links between ministers and some favoured chains.
  • Education Politics March 2019 The spring issue of Education Politics has a strong focus on the damage current policies are doing to children – in early years and SEND and in a review of the former Children’s Commissioner’s new book Childhood Betrayed. It contains a report of Stephen Gorard’s Caroline Benn Lecture “Lets make education fairer”. There is also a historical focus with articles ion the Burston School strike and on 100 years of Labour policy making.
  • Education Politics Sept 2018. This conference issue of Education Politics explores the concept of the National Education Service from many angles. It sets how SEA thinks the principles of the NES need to be developed across all sectors of education. It includes articles by Kevin Courtney and Melissa Benn and ranges from the structure of education to the issues around the mental health of young people that are currently so concerning. It also visits New Zealand to see what the new Labour government there is doing to transform education.
  • Education Politics March 2018. Highlights include Lucy Powell MP on her initiative regarding school accountability and a powerful review by Madeline Holt of Diane Reay’s new book “Miseducation”. Wellbeing issues are addressed in relation to developments in Wales and to the debate over sex and relationships education. Other articles range from higher education funding, to equality issues at 14 to 19, the scandalous treatment of support staff in schools and the Labour party’s recent National Policy Forum.
  • Education Politics December 2017. With this issue we welcome Anne Heavey as the new editor of EP. The focus of this issue of Education Politics is special educational needs. It also contains reports from Labour Party Conference and of the Caroline Benn Memorial Lecture
  • Education Politics September 2017. The September issue of EP takes as its theme Labour’s proposed National Education Service. In particular it looks at the implications for vocational and adult education. It also carries a critique of the policy forum process.
  • Education Politics June 2017. The main theme in this edition is curriculum on which there are six articles. There are also reflections on the general election 2017, and myths of social mobility.
  • Education Politics March 2017. Several articles in this issue address the issue of testing and assessment, from early years through to post 16. It also looks at the process of policy development both in the Labour Party and in the SEA itself.
  • Education Politics December 2016. A key theme in this issue is the grammar school debate including an article by Angela Rayner and a report on how SEA’s motion on selection was passed at Party Conference. There are also reports of Danny Dorling’s Caroline Benn Memorial Lecture and the annual Reclaiming Education conference.
  • Education-politics-september-2016. This issue focuses particularly on the issue of selection with a number of personal testimonies to the value of comprehensives and an analysis of the case against selection by Melissa Benn.
  • Education Politics June 2016 – The main focus of this edition is a critique of the government’s White Paper. Includes an analysis of the goverment’s White Paper by John Bolt.
  • Education Politics March 2016 – The Purpose of Education – submissions to the Select Committee Enquiry.
  • December 2015 (Accountability. Articles by Simon Burgess, Sean Hartford, Colin Richards, Nansi Ellis. Also Reports: Labour Party Conference; Reclaiming Education. Caroline Benn Memorial Lecture. Inequality and education.)
  • September 2015
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Special Publications


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    Brian Mitchell.


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