SEA NEC & Members Meetings

Dates of Future NEC Meetings for the 2021-22 annual term (all on Saturdays):

18th September 2021, 11am – NEC London, The Wesley Hotel Euston

Directly following the morning’s NEC business, our first face-to-face members meeting will take place in London on Sat 18th Sept, 2pm at The Wesley Hotel, 81-103 Euston St, London NW1 2EZ. Just a few minutes walk from Euston and Kings Cross Stations.



Please take a lateral flow test before coming.

  1. Welcome from the Chair:-  Carmen Peruga SEA Chair
  2. Apologies

Mel Griffiths Give Us Back Our Schools Campaign Co Ordinator SEA NEC
Louise Regan SEA Publications and NEU Equalities Officer
Pam Tatlow  retired Chief Exec Million Plus SEA Deputy General Secretary

Questions and Contributions from the Floor
Agree Action Points

Finish 4 pm latest

6th November 2021, 11am – NEC Manchester
Lead up to COP 26 in Glasgow. Climate crisis event in the afternoon with speakers from Teach the Future, MEEN, (Manchester Environmental Ed Network), Labour for a Green New Deal etc.

15th January 2022, 10am – NEC Zoom

12th March 2022, 10am – NEC Zoom

21st May AM – NEC London, The Wesley Hotel Euston

25th June – AGM
Confirmed for the agenda:
11AM – Presentation by Tim Brighouse and Mick Waters on where education should be going now from their book “About Our Schools”.

Brighouse, T. and Waters, M., About Our Schools: Improving on Previous Best, Crown House Publishing, Bancyfelin, 2022

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