Labour Party documents

This page is under construction and will be completed soon. Help with collecting Labour speeches on education in either wordprocessed format (.doc or whatever) or pdf would be most welcome.

Policy (NPF, Policy Review)

Labour has two distinct policy processes: (i) those that go through the mechanisms of the National Policy Forum; (ii) the Policy Review run under the auspieces of the Shadow Cabinet. The relation between these two process has never been clearly explained. They are commonly assumed to be the same thing but this is clearly not the case (witness the Policy Review documents which have never been on the NPF agenda). Clarification from the Labour Party would be welcome but, at this stage, is probably unlikely to be forthcoming.

NPF Documents.

The NPF Annual Report to Conference 2014. This includes two sections on education. The document is presented as providing the basis for the election manifesto in 2015.

The main education section from the NPF Annual Report to Conference 2014

Policy Review Documents.

The Blunkett Review

The Skills Task Force: Remit, FE reforms, Apprenticeships, Curriculum and Assessment, Interim Report.

One-Nation Documents with some discussion of education: One-nation economy, one-nation society.

Specific issues: Speaking Skills, Childhood Obesity, Military Sponsorship for academies in deprived areas, Youth Services.


Labour speeches on education

 Tristram Hunt’s Demos speech on character formation (December 2014)


Newspaper articles by or about Labour’s education policies



Labour election manifestos since 1946




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