Education Politics front page latest edition

Report from our AGM and the latest edition of Education Politics

The SEA has started a new chapter with branches very much at the centre of the organisation. Thank you to all members who attended the AGM on Saturday. Zoom proved itself and even voting worked smoothly.

We are calling on the government to stop high stakes primary assessments this year including the 11 plus. We are also calling for moderated teacher assessment to be used instead of examinations for GCSE and A levels in 2021. We are also calling on the Labour front bench to adopt this policy.

We will also be organising a seminar/conference on the future of Higher Education and assessment at 16 and 18.

I would like to thank Kate Green, Shadow Secretary of State for her comprehensive overview of how Labour can influence the education agenda.

I would like to commend to you the latest issue of Education Politics. Thank you to Louise Regan, Ian Duckett and Tom Unterrainer for the editing and production.

In solidarity!

James Whiting
General Secretary
Socialist Educational Association (SEA)

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