SEA Manifesto 2019

The Labour Party asked for help in writing its manifesto. To this end we have published our own manifesto in which we have set out our ideas for the educational policies of the next Labour Government. The full document can be accessed and read here:

Education Policies for the Labour Manifesto 2019

In response, we produced and submitted a 200 word summary version which constituted our contribution to the Labour Manifesto 2019. 

Lets make our campaign for a National Education Service (NES) democratically controlled at a local level, unstoppable


End the academy system and privatisation in education and commit to ensuring:
·         Local Authorities establish reformed, democratically accountable local education committees with stakeholder representation.
·         That all publicly funded schools be brought back under the control of these new local education committees.
·         The newly empowered local education committees will be the default providers of school services and will be appropriately funded.
2. restore youth services
3. replace the EBacc and give greater priority to creative, artistic and technical subjects and reduce the level of central prescription of curriculum content and pedagogy
4. engage schools, universities, employers, trade unions, learners and parents in a review of what is taught in schools and colleges and how the full range of achievements can be recognised.
6. develop a unified curriculum framework that does not separate academic and technical courses.
7. commit to end academic selection such as the 11+
8. ensure all adults can access education and training throughout life.
9. go beyond the ending of higher education fees to reverse the marketisation of higher education.
10. restore national pay and conditions in education
11. restore the role of higher education in initial teacher education.

We trust that we can rely on your support.

In Solidarity

James Whiting

General Secretary, SEA