Reclaiming Education Conference

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With less than six months to the General Election, the fourth Reclaiming Education Conference last Saturday focused on the how to influence the parties in the direction of evidence-based , progressive policies for education.

Having heard from a range of expert speakers – Tim Brighouse, Laura McInerney, Navin Kikabhi, Richard Hatcher and Mary Bousted – delegates were challenged  to identify what they could do personally to raise the profile of education in the election and to get the parties, especially Labour, to adopt more ambitious policies.

There’s a more detailed write up of the conference at You can see there some of the campaigning ideas that people came up with. There are ideas there for everyone!

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  1. When will the main contributions to the conference be made available either in transcript form or as audio files, or both? Is this going to happen? It is important that these events reach more than the 50 to 100 people who are able to attend them. John’s report is very helpful but that should be a motivator to read/listen to the main contributions.


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