Teachers in France condemn the Charlie Hebdo murders

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The French teachers organisation Fédération syndicale unitaire (FSU) issued a statement today (7th January) on the Charlie Hebdo attack.

‘The FSU condemns the appalling attack carried out today against Charlie Hebdo. It expresses its complete solidarity with the victims and personnel of Charlie Hebdo. It offers its condolences to the victims’ families. Currently twelve people, journalists and policemen, have paid with their lives for the right of expression.

Democrats, whatever their philosophical or religious convictions, must not allow our society to be forced into violence and obscurantism. They must join together around the values of our Republic.

The FSU demands that light is shed on this odious attack. This is about the values of tolerance, freedom, democracy and secularism. These are the principles that the FSU calls on all to defend by participating in the meetings and rallies organised throughout France.’



French Muslims condemn the attack

The statement below has been issued by Le Grande Mosque de Paris.

The French Muslim Council and French Muslims condemn in the strongest possible terms the terrorist attack of exceptional violence carried out against the Charlie Hebdo magazine. This extremely grave and barbarous act is also an attack against democracy and press freedom.

Our thoughts must, sadly, first go to the victims and their families to whom we express our total solidarity in the terrible trial which has been visited upon them.

In the context of international political tensions fed by madmen from terrorist groups falsely claiming  to represent Islam, we call on everyone who is attached to the values of the Republic and to democracy to resist provocation which only serves to pour oil on the flames.

Faced with this drama of national proportions, we call on the Muslim community to clearly demonstrate the greatest vigilance in the face of manipulations coming from groups, whichever they may be, with an extremist outlook.

Doctor Dalil Boubakeur
President of the Council of French Muslims


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