Next SEA Meeting in Doncaster

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DoncasterRailwayStationThe next SEA meeting will be on Saturday 12th September. It will be in Doncaster at Doncaster Trades – see for details of the location.

The programme for the day is:

  • Finance Committee at 11.00 am
  • Executive Committee at 12.15 pm
  • Members meeting at 2.00 pm until 4.00 pm.

As our guest speaker at 2.00 pm, we will be delighted to welcome Alan Johnson MP.

All SEA members are welcome at any part of the day’s programme. This is our first meeting in this part of England for some time, so we will particularly welcome members from Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.

One warning – 12th September is St Leger day at Doncaster so early booking of transport might be sensible!

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