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AFTER HAVING HEARD OF SHADOW CABINET RESIGNATIONS AND OF some mps calling for the Party leader Jeremy corbyn to step down so that a leadership election can take place The National Executive Committee of the socialist educationAL association, at its meeting on Sunday 26th June, agreed that now is not the time for a Labour Party leadership election.



  1. At this moment it is important to distinguish between two strands of the remarkable movement which propelled Jeremy Corbyn to the leadership of our party.
    One was Jeremy himself. Responding to the widespread discontent with politics and politicians which cost Labour so many votes in 2015, the membership perceived him as distinguishable from most career politicians, being softly spoken and unassuming, and unbending from his principles and beliefs.
    The other was the policy strategy: to focus on the real issues facing the country, which might (as a simplification) be described as jobs, pay, housing, and public services, all of which expressed through the necessity to reduce inequality, and all of which address our natural supporters’ concerns about immigration.
    Many of us who supported Jeremy accepted that it was a gamble because he had no track record of managing anything, a key requirement of a party leader. Like many, I now have to accept what I have been told in recent months by many sources, that indeed the leader has not led, has not provided the support for the structures and processes necessary to provide clarity of line and direction in our party.
    But my deep concern is this: whilst many MPs and other party members seek a change of leadership just for that reason, I believe that many have another motive which I cannot support: the overthrow of the movement towards policies which support reduction of inequality in this country, and a return to the neo-liberal approaches of the past twenty years which have proved so disastrous. I believe that despite the rhetoric of ‘respect the mandate’ which we heard after the leadership election, too many MPs have spent too much time trying to undermine both leader and the policy direction.
    For the first time for a long time, the SEA has noticed signs of growing support of our principles from the PLP. Whatever happens in the next few weeks, we should work for two things:
    1 the election of a leader who has the charisma and leadership skills to recreate an effective fighting force across the country and who supports the movement away from neo-liberalism
    2 the rapid development of an education policy programme which the party could offer to the country in the event of a snap general election.


  2. I am disappointed in your comments regarding leadership. I believe that Jeremy Corbyn does have the charisma and leadership skills required to create an effective fighting force etc. I have no respect for the show of Charisma and Leadership which typified T.Blair – I do respect integrity, honesty, sincerity and ability to relate to people outside of the ‘poitical life capsule’. Jeremy corbyn has been in office for such a short period and made excellent progress. He maintains a dignified and balanced manner throughout whatever his opponents do. He is steadfast in his convictions. We do not need another Leader for the PLP but this man who is for the party members.


  3. I cannot agree that the man is not a leader and due to evidence of misrepresentation, obfuscation, plotting and intrigue, the orchestration by PR company, and the BBC, I think he has made remarkable progress for our party, and he has inspired thousands of people. How can he not be a leader? As far as the PLP is concerned I do not trust them or believe them and that goes for the grandees of the party, Blair, Kinnock and Hodge.


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