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The SEA Response to the Government’s U-Turn on Exam Results

The SEA welcomes the UK Government’s belated decision to abandon its discredited attempt to manipulate examination grades. However welcome this is, nothing can take away the feelings of despair and disillusionment that many young people have suffered since last Thursday.

At first sight the announcement on grades has not resolved the issues around university entrance and admissions which:

  • Are students with new grades entitled to the university place that they lost last week?
  • Universities have offered Clearing places to other students since Thursday in order to try and fill up – will those students keep those places?
  • If so what happens to universities who are now breaching the government cap on numbers?
  • If this means some universities take more students, does it mean other universities will lose students and are at risk of becoming unviable?

This needs sorting out immediately or we are in for another period of chaos and uncertainty

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