Who we are

The Socialist Education Association is an affiliate of the Labour Party. It is open to everyone interested in Education who is in broad sympathy with our socialist orientation. Members are not necessarily individual members of the Labour Party although most are. Members are also required not to be members of organisations incompatible with the Labour Party.

The SEA has a regular publication Education Politics which is sent to members. Some past issues are available on this website.

The Associations’s officers are elected by the members each year. The current officers are

  • Martin Dore: Chair
  • John Bolt: General Secretary
  • Ian Duckett: Treasurer
  • Paul Martin: Membership Secretary
  • Anne Heavey: Editor, Education Politics
  • Mike Newman: Vice Chair


One comment

  1. Hello ,
    I would like to make a donation to the SEA in memory of a close friend who was a socialist teacher .
    Can you advise how I can do this . I cannot see a contact or tel no .


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