Books not a ‘privilege’ for prisoners after all

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Prisoner-VectorIn the Orwellian mindset occupied by Chris Grayling and the Ministry of Justice, a ruling by Mr Justice Collins that found ‘refer(ring) to them (books) as a privilege is strange’ was regarded as ‘a surprising judgement.’ So it seems that prisoners will be entitled to receive books through the post in future as they did until recently (provided they don’t contain a file or drugs).

In a statement, solicitors for prisoner Barbara Gordon-Jones welcomed the ruling.”Reading is a right and not a privilege, to be encouraged and not restricted,” they said. You can read coverage of this story by the BBC by clicking on this link.

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  1. I had assumed that the ban on (real) books was part of someone’s private pension plan. This might come in two forms to the ministers or senior civil servants who delivered it. First, a sinecure with a purveyor of online books and, second, something similar with the privatised prison providers benefiting from reducing the cost of physical searches.
    In short, a kind of Prisons Department bonus scheme. How else would the “revolving doors” policy be lubricated enabling the lucky ones to be employed first by government and then by private enterprise ?


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