Tories tired cliches can’t hide how stupid the Education and Adoption Bill is

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Labour MP Clive Lewis debating the Bill in the Commons
Labour MP Clive Lewis debating the Bill in the Commons

As reports begin to surface that Labour and the Lib Dems may work together to cause problems for the Education and Adoption Bill, a Conservative spokesperson said:

“After last week’s admission that they no longer trusts heads and teachers to run their own schools, Labour is now threatening to try and wreck a bill that would stop children from languishing in failing schools.”

Let’s just remember that schools in academy chains have much less freedom than local authority schools. They dance to the tune of Tory donors and hedge funds who control their budgets and their governing bodies.

Let’s remember too that sponsored academies are just as likely to be failing that other schools.

The evidence has been rehearsed so many times, it’s really tiresome to keep reading these DfE press comments. Let’s hope some sense prevails in the Lords and this ridiculous bill gets the shredding it deserves because it contributes exactly nothing to the cause of improving schools..

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  1. We need to have equality of opportunity for all children irrespective of social background . A true Comprehensive School has the same proportion of children of all abilities as all other Comprehensive Schools and only when this is the case can we compare performance on a like to like basis. This can be achieved if all Schools are under Local Authority control but not if some Schools are academies attracting money from big Business allowing unfair advantage of attracting teachers by offering higher salaries and free to appoint unqualified teachers and uncontrolled curricula etc. and as long as we have private Public Schools for children of the wealthy and selective schools for those with higher academic ability than others.The seat of all of our problems is that we are running an education service within a Capitalist system and until Capitalism ends we will have preference for the elite and a continuation of the status quo. In Socialism, where all are equal, all Schools will be equal and the rat race symbolised by the present situation in our Education system, will end.


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