Danny Dorling to give this year’s Caroline Benn Memorial Lecture

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This year’s lecture will be delivered by Professor Danny Dorling. The theme will be“The Education Shuffle: What will the next two steps forward be?” It will explore the impact of comprehensive education, the ways in which that progress has been compromised and what the next steps forward need to be.

It will be held on at 6.00 pm Tuesday 15th November in Committee Room 10 at the House of Commons.

When Professor Dorling’s book “Injustice: Why Social Inequality Persists” was published, the Guardian wrote “Dorling is that rare university professor: expert, politically engaged and able to explain simply why his subject matters. He describes modern Britain as the most unequal society since Dickens’s times, and picks apart the orthodoxies that allow such unfairness. “I’m hardly saying, we want a revolution, we want a utopia,” he recently told this paper. “I’m just saying, can we be slightly less stupid, and we’ll all be better off for it.”

There is no charge for this event and places are likely to be in great demand. To book a place please e mail socialisteducation@virginmedia.com as soon as possible.

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