SEA AGM 2019

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The SEA AGM saw lively debate around two areas that have seen significant shifts in policy from Labour in recent months. Lyn Brown MP and Professor Selina Todd addressed issues around social justice and equality – and why social mobility is not enough. This echoed the recent announcements by Jeremy Corbyn. Our debate focussed around the implications of this change for education policy, especially around the issues of selection and private education.

The second focus was on assessment. Terry Wrigley gave us a very clear account of why the current testing regime is flawed and damaging. Just as importantly, he set out clearly what could be done instead – a question that it is critical the party is able to answer. Thom Kirkwood, executive member and a current English teacher shared his current experience of a curriculum and testing regime which is failing completely to meet the needs of his pupils in inner city Bradford.

The AGM passed a number of resolutions on these issues and on academies and on equalities in the light of the controversies in Birmingham. They can be read here:

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