SEA Model Resolution on Academies and Trusts

Motion on Academies and Trusts – Would be great to see all Labour groups and then the councils take a position against LA schools becoming academies. This text (written as a motion for wards and CLPs to discuss and vote on) sets out some positive steps council could take to state its opposition in line with national policy

“This Ward notes that academisation of a school does not improve academic results or standards

This Ward believes that schools work best when they are part of their local community of schools, under the umbrella of democratically elected councils. Academisation is privatisation, potentially putting profit and excessive pay of CEOs before the needs of the pupils, driving down the pay and conditions of teachers (in some cases replacing them with unqualified staff), removing the school from Local Authority (LA) support and so democratic accountability.

This Ward asks that the Labour Group of ……….. Council put forward a motion on local democratic accountability of schools for debate at full council as soon as possible. The motion will include the following points:

  1. When ………….. schools are considering converting to academy or trust status the council will use officers to present all the facts regarding academy conversions to parents, teachers and councillors and highlight the increased costs and legal obligations associated with taking a school out of local authority control. The council will discourage schools who may be considering academisation or conversion to trust status. Where it is possible for the school not to convert to an academy the council will instruct officers to present the case for choosing to remain with the LA.
  2. ………… Council resolves to call on all governing bodies who are considering academisation to hold a binding parental and staff ballot, conducted by an impartial body.
  3. ………….Council believes that in the short term the rules on academies should be changed so that:
    • schools receiving an OFSTED judgement of inadequate can choose to stay within the Local Authority and receive a package of support coordinated by the LA.
    • Academies and Trusts can choose to return to the Local Authority.
    • Local Authorities have the power to build Local Authority schools where there is a need for places and not be forced to create new academies.
  4. ……….. Council believes that in the long term full transparency and democratic accountability must be restored to the whole education service in the UK.

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