Labour Party Leadership Elections 2020 | Important Information for SEA Members

The Labour Party is holding elections for a new Leader and Deputy Leader.

As an Affiliate Organisation and a constituent member of the Socialist Societies, the SEA has the right to make Nominations for the Leadership and Deputy Leadership Elections. The SEA has decided to ballot all our members on our nominations for Leader and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. It falls upon us as a democratic membership organisation to adopt this approach.

The ballot will be conducted on OpaVote, a secure digital voting platform. Polls opened on Monday 27 January and close at midnight on Friday 7 February. All members should now have received their e-ballots via email. Voting takes place on the basis of a Single-Transferable Vote (STV). You will therefore be asked to place candidates in order of preference and you can vote for as many, or as few, candidates as you like.

All members will be informed of the SEA nomination result. When it comes to the actual election opening on 21st February, those of you who are not Labour Party members can still vote so long as you register as an Affiliated Supporter. The deadline is 5pm, Monday 3 February.

Sign Up as an Affiliated Supporter

We requested statements from all candidates regarding their views on education and educational policy. Please read the responses we have received to date.

Labour Leadership Candidates

Rebecca Long-Bailey

Labour Deputy Leadership Candidates

Dr Rosena Allin-Khan

Richard Burgon

Dawn Butler

Ian Murray

Angela Rayner

General information can be found on the Leadership Election Hub 2020.

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