SEA Palestine motion on Schools

The SEA passed the following resolution at its NEC on Saturday 22 May:

THE SEA believes all children have an equal right to education regardless of ethnicity or religion. It notes that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict has severely worsened already existing deep inequalities between Israeli children and those in the occupied territories.

65 Palestinian Children have been killed

50 Schools have been hit in Gaza (1 in 15) affecting 41000 children

3 Israeli schools were damaged

(Above data from Save the Children)

The SEA welcomes the ceasefire. This must be used as an opportunity by the UK and its allies to provide aid to rebuild Palestinian infrastructure including schools rather than continuing to arm the Israeli government.

We call on the Labour Front bench to draw attention to the plight of Palestinian children and demand the government strongly oppose further Israeli government aggression and instead support international efforts to rebuild schools, hospitals, and other essential infrastructure in the occupied territories.

Please as SEA supporters and members take it up in Parliament in any way you can.


James Whiting (Gen Sec SEA)

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