A Generation of Radical Educational Change. But in which direction?

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A new book has been published which analyses the radical changes which been made to English education in particular during the last three decades. Unfortunately for the left these changes have been in the opposite direction.A Generation of Radical Change will make uncomfortable reading at the Department for Education. A dozen distinguished practitioners explain and reflect on how they worked to do their best for their schools,teachers and pupils in these years of great change.

They understand the reasons, explained by Lord Baker in his early chapter, for a National Curriculum in 1988, and also the reasons for a more effective national inspection system. Yet their stories accumulate to become a powerful critique of the top-down policies of the last two decades.

These policies have been too numerous, short-term, incoherent and
partisan; governments have been indifferent to professional opinion
and serious research, and have relied excessively on measurable
outcomes and simplistic Ofsted judgments. Our current system is
narrower and less democratic than it was, but evidence is hard to find
that English pupils are doing any better in international comparisons. You can find out more about this important new publication below.

authorflyer A generation of Radical Educational Change (8)


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