The Education White Paper A Poison Pill

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WHEN: Wednesday 25th May, 6.00pm

WHERE: Committee Room 10, House of Commons, Westminster, London SW1A 0AA

The Government’s Education White Paper has united opposition as rarely before, with uproar among parents, teachers and local authorities across the political spectrum.

The plan to force all schools to join academy “chains” and to abolish parent governors has been widely condemned, with good reason.

The government claims it is devolving power “to the front line” but schools taken over by academy chains cease to control their buildings, budget, staffing and curriculum. Schools will have no governing body of their own, so parents and local communities will have no say in how their schools are run. The chains can employ teaching staff with no training or qualifications.

What benefit will there be? Not for children or families – many chains already perform significantly worse than local authorities.

These changes are a poison pill which intended to change our schools and their relationship with local communities forever, preparing them for full-on privatisation.

Join us in opposing this outrageous plan.

To book your place at this meeting, email your details to

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