How to respond to the Green Paper Consultation

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The Green Paper, Schools that work for Everyone, contains the government’s proposals for expanding grammar schools, promoting more single faith schools and involving independent schools and universities in the state school system.

SEA believes that these proposals are deeply damaging and need to be resisted.

The consultation period on the Green Paper runs until 12 December. We would urge as many people and organisations as possible to respond.

To support this we have prepared a draft response which can be found here:


It’s really important that as many responses as possible are made so that ministers realise how little support there is for these ideas.


  1. I was one of 5% selected for a grammar school in Hull. 5%! Of course we did well in exams. All my life I watched my talented sister suffer from rejection and a feeling of failure.Later I taught in Comprehensive schools. From Oxbridge to special needs all lived together and all contributed as they were able, not only the academically gifted. This must be the aim; to learn to live together and use our talents whatever they are.


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