Ideas for an Education Manifesto

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The General Election is upon us and the Labour Party is calling for all stakeholders to contribute to the manifesto process. Here are some ideas from the SEA:

Education Policies for the Labour Manifesto 2017 from the Socialist Educational Association

Labour should commit to:

  • Maintaining a national schools funding formula but raising funding levels overall so all schools can meet the extra costs facing them.
  • Raising the pay of school staff so it is again comparable with other graduate professions and properly addressing teachers’ excessive workload.
  • Restoring the ethos of “every child matters” and ensuring that the provision is there to support it.
  • In particular, restoring the sure start network to support families and children in the early years.
  • Engaging schools, universities, employers, trade unions and parents in a long term review of what is taught in schools so that young people can gain the knowledge, skills, creativity and personal qualities needed to succeed in a rapidly changing world.
  • As part of an overall restructure of local and regional government, devolving responsibility for planning the provision of school places and monitoring school performance and financial management to local elected bodies.
  • Maintaining the ban on any new academic selection and committing over time to phasing out selective systems where they still exist.
  • Reforming the admissions system so as to ensure that the intakes of all comprehensive schools are properly representative of their local community.
  • Radically reducing the pressure on both children and teachers caused by too much testing and by punitive inspection systems.
  • Ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to develop new skills throughout life and can meet the challenges of rapid economic and social change.
  • Providing long term support to schools in areas where achievement is low as part of a comprehensive regeneration programme.
  • Respecting research and evidence and listening to both professionals and families before launching new policies.


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