SEA Executive Elections 2018

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Nominations are now open for elections to the officer posts and to the SEA Executive for 2018-19. We need to fill the following roles:

Chair, Vice Chair, General Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Deputy General Secretary, Minutes Secretary, Digital Campaigns Officer, Publications Officer, Women’s Officer, Youth Officer, Equalities Officer.

In addition to the officers, there are 8 places for men and 8 for women on the Executive. As branches with over 35 members, Greater Manchester, Haringey and Wales are entitled to appoint a branch delegate to the NEC.

The Executive meets 6 times a year in different cities across the country usually on a Saturday – though the first meeting of the new executive is on Sunday 24th June which is the day after our Annual Conference.

The deadline for nominations is 30th April 2018. Self nominations are welcome. Please sent all nominations to

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