Teaching Parenting to Children in Schools

The quality of parenting is fundamental to children’s life chances. An SEA member, Ros Kane, works with a charity called Before becoming a Parent and would like to bring its work to the attention of SEA members and followers.

Most teenagers respond very well to learning about good parenting. After all, it’s related to their main interests in life: sex and relationships. It can help the more disaffected ones feel more positive about school. Students can reflect on their family relationships, as well as thinking about their futures – 80% will become parents.

The charity ‘Before Becoming a Parent’ (B4BP) offers sessions to schools which we make as experiential as possible. They’re about the realities of parenthood, the emotional needs of babies, children and parents, and how best to meet them. B4BP can also work at your school (anywhere in the UK)  or it can give advice on how you might provide a course.

We also work with the charity B.A.S.E®BabywatchingUK in primary schools where children observe a mother and baby every week for a year. This develops their understanding of empathy, sensitivity and early relationships and bodes well for their futures as parents.

Ros Kane is writing a book on this subject and would be extremely interested to hear from anyone with this experience. She can be contacted at roskane@btinternet.com

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